Protec – The Clear Choice

Thanks to an unrivaled ability to combine extensive local know-how with the very latest in global coatings technology, Protec is ‘the clear choice’ for those looking for quality, performance, dependability and value for money.

Founded in Australia in 1978, Protec is proud to offer Australian-made coatings which are locally developed and tested to ensure they deliver outstanding results in Australian conditions.

Today, Protec offers an extensive range which provides innovative and advanced solutions for a wide variety of applications including:

Protec’s strictly controlled local manufacturing process features high quality raw materials and is quality assured to AS/NZS ISO 9001 standards. The range is continually being updated with advanced new products which come complete with an unmatched blend of user-friendly features that have been fundamental to Protec’s growing popularity. These core values include ease of use and application, versatility, excellent coverage, superior efficiency and long term durability, along with exceptional cost effective pricing.

The Light Industrial Coatings market segment is serviced by a dedicated team and specialised product ranges. See the PPG Light Industrial Coatings website for further information.



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